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The 6 Types Of Remarketing

Standard Remarketing

Show display ads to users who previous visited your website. They will see the ads as they search on the Google Display Network and Facebook. You can target users who have interacted with your website or used Google search to search for phrases related to your businesses products and services.

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What Is Remarketing?

All sites have people who visit and exit without completing a desired action. They spend time on your website, view your products and services, your blog, contact page or even add items to your shopping cart. But they don’t convert. They don’t sign up for your newsletter, complete a purchase or perform other desired actions. Remarketing allows you to target these types of users and help you capture their interest.

Remarketing is a type of online advertising. It allows you to reconnect with visitors who have previous left your website or app. It uses technology such as tracking pixels and marketing tags to delivery personalized messages to people who have previous interacted with your website. It helps maintain your brand presence as customers after they have left your website.

Remarketing ads appear on the Google Search Network, on Facebook, Instagram and other spaces online. The ads encourage previous visitors to return to your website and convert (sign up or make a purchase.

Here’s a simplified version of how it works:

  • A potential customer visits your website
  • They view pages, but leave without making a purchase
  • They go online again later
  • Your ads appear and recapture their interest
  • They visit your website again and become customers

Why Is Remarketing Important?

Remarketing can be used in a variety of ways to support your marketing campaigns online. They can be used to boost sign up rates, promote your brand, and most importantly, help you convert more website traffic into paying customers. Here are some key reasons why remarketing is an important strategy to use:

  • Most visitors are not ready to buy: More than 90% of people who visit your website are NOT ready to convert. It often takes multiple visits for a user to sign up for your newsletter, email list, or become a paying customer. Remarketing allows you to target interested users and encourage them to come back and complete a desired action. Without remarketing, you could lose these users.
  • Stay fresh in users mind: Remarketing allows you to stay top of mind. It allows you to maintain a strong brand presence as user search online. Your ads can serve as a reminder that your products and services are available. When they are ready to buy, they’ll be more likely to return to your website if they’ve recent seen your ads.
  • More focused ads: You can target your ads to reach customers who performed a specific action on your website but did not convert. For example, you can create ads to target users who added items to your shopping cart but did not complete the transaction. Or you can send out ads to customers who viewed a specific type of product on your website.
  • Significant reach: Through the Google Search Network and Facebook you can reach users on millions of website and apps, regardless of what type of device they use to search the internet.
  • Increase your conversion rates: Perhaps the most important benefit of remarketing is it will help increase your conversion rates. Users are much more likely to convert if they have previously visited your website. They’ve already viewed your product pages, read your blog, and checked out your company. This builds trust and familiarity. It also makes it more likely they will covert.
  • It’s cost effective: Compared to other marketing and advertising options, remarketing is much more affordable. It’s cheaper than Google Ads, Pay per click, and Facebook ads. Get more qualified leads for less money.
, Remarketing
, Remarketing

What To Avoid When Remarketing

If done right, remarketing can be a highly successful online strategy. If done wrong, it can be a waste of your marketing budget. Here are some things to avoid when creating a remarketing campaign:

  • Not having a purpose: It’s important to have a specific goal in mind when setting up your remarketing campaigns. Know the audience you want to reach, know the actions you want them to take, and send them to custom landing pages.
  • Not choosing where you ads appear: It’s important to ensure your ads do not appear on sites that are not in alignment with your brand. Use the site category option in AdWords to exclude categories of websites you don’t want your ads appearing.
  • Not cross selling or upselling: Remarketing is not just about getting previous visitors to convert. It can also be an effective tool to offer up related or larger scale products or services to users. This provides users with additional options to consider in addition to the original product/service they were interested in on your website.
  • Being short sighted: Remarketing is not just for short term transactions. While most use it to capture recent visitors, depending on what you are selling, playing the long game may make sense. Some remarketing campaigns can last for months. Consider seasonal and periodic purchasing patterns.
  • Too low of impression caps: Too many advertising set their impression caps too low. In fact, aggressiveness is rewarded in remarketing. The more ads are shown the better. Remarketing ads are more likely to get clicks than other paid ads.
  • Not using a remarketing professional: Remarketing is a specialized form of online advertising. It takes expertise to understand the finer nuances of how the system works. If you are not sure what you are doing, or you don’t have the time to dedicate to it, leave it to a professional. You will get much better results out of your remarketing ad budget.

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What Makes Grow With Search Unique?

Remarketing is an untapped opportunity to improve conversions and generate more sales. At Grow With Search, we utilize remarketing ads through the Google and Facebook networks. We believe it’s the most effective, and affordable, way for your brand to get more exposure online.

We can help you capitalize on a very important segment of your customers – the ones that already gave interest in your products and services. Through remarketing you can encourage customers to complete an action they started, continue their shopping, check out of your shopping cart and more. We’ll customize your remarketing campaign to help you achieve your specific marketing goals.

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, Remarketing

Frequently Asked Questions About


What Is A Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing campaigns show ads to people online who have previously engaged with your business online, either through your website, social media or used your app. They are designed specifically to help you reach people interested in your company, products, or services.


I Already Do Google Ads. Should I Use Remarketing Too?

Yes! Remarketing is an extension of Google and Facebook ads. It will enhance your brand presence, help you target a specific type of user, and help you drive more traffic to your website. Our paid search experts will help you determine the best remarketing strategy for your business.


Is Remarketing Expensive?

Remarketing is much more affordable than a standard PPC campaign through Google AdWords or other paid ad services. This allows you to get more out of your paid ad budget or spend less. Plus, you’ll be targeted qualified leads – people who have already shown interest, making them more likely to convert.


How Do I Know If I Should Be Remarketing?

Most of your customers rarely make a purchase the first time they visit your website. Remarketing allows you to stay top of mind and serve as a reminder to customers. If you are struggling to convert on your website or looking to boost conversation rates, remarketing is an effective strategy to use.

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