Our Story

We’ve Been Evolving
with Digital Marketing Since 2006

The founding team at Grow with Search has been evolving with digital marketing since 2006. We got started with digital marketing when the internet was showing the first sign of traction since the dotcom bust.

It was around this time when Google was being used by marketing gurus to make easy money online, and Facebook had just started making its way out of the college circuit and into the lives of people from all ages.

Over the years we have witnessed the entire digital marketing landscape evolve into the dynamic powerhouse it represents today.

Also over the years, we have helped a portfolio of loyal clients achieve great success with growing their business through the ongoing development of their online presence and digital marketing initiatives using proven, authentic, and ethical tactics.

Our Clients Have Experienced
Amazing Results & Growth

We have built 100’s of websites, launched & managed 100’s of campaigns, achieved first-page SEO rankings for 1000’s of keywords, and published 1,000’s of unique pieces of content and social media posts.

Most importantly, we have generated 50,000 + leads and customers for our valued clients – helping many of their businesses grow exponentially into multi-million dollar operations.

With many successes (and failures) experienced since 2006, we know what it takes to grow a business and online presence through the diverse mix of powerful digital marketing channels that exist today.

If you have an established business, and you’re ready to grow, we encourage you to leverage our experience and digital marketing expertise to grow your business too!

Why Grow with Search?

We named our company “Grow with Search” because we believe (to this day) that growing your business through search engine marketing represents the foundation of a healthy digital marketing strategy.

There is no better way to put your product or service offering in front of people in the market for what you offer than through the power of search engine marketing.

While search engine marketing represents the foundation of what Grow with Search effectively executes for our clients to be successful, we don’t stop there…

The bigger mission with Grow with Search today is to help our clients establish a complete online presence for their business using all the right digital marketing channels. This includes leveraging social media content, social media ad campaigns, email marketing, marketing automation, and more.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients establish an authentic and complete online presence – which leads to a competitive advantage in the marketplace and a steady flow of leads and customers for the long-term.

Simply put – Grow with Search is a full-service digital marketing agency that leverages search engine marketing as the foundation for a complete online presence, while further leveraging the right combination of digital marketing channels to maximize results across the board.

Why Build a Complete Online Presence?

When you commit to building a complete online presence, you are acting in the best interest of your business for the long-term.

You are making sure your business is accurately represented across a wide range of digital marketing channels with authentic information, authentic results, and authentic product and service offerings.

Building a complete online presence involves doing everything right. It involves building a website that presents your company professionally while having calls to action for what you offer in an honest, attractive, and unique way.

It involves having content in place that proves your business is an authority on topics relevant to your product, service offerings, and geographic markets. It involves having your business featured across the internet on the most popular websites relevant to your industry.

It involves running truthful and compelling ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and more to ensure your business stays in front of potential customers on a daily basis.

When you build a complete online presence by leveraging all of this activity, you will see your business grow with new leads and customers coming in more natural and faster than ever before. Let’s work together to make it all happen!

What We Believe

We believe that every growth focused business, should invest into building a complete online presence across all the right digital marketing channels.

We believe that businesses who invest into building a complete online presence the right way, can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and grow naturally by 20-30% + within just 12-24 months.

We believe that a complete online presence is best started with search engine marketing as the foundation.

We believe that beyond search engine marketing, it is essential to further solidify a complete online presence with key opportunities available through social media, email marketing, marketing automation, and more!

We believe that our clients should be able to build out all the key pieces of their complete online presence with a diversified team that can execute across multiple digital marketing channels effectively.

We believe in building great relationships with our clients – where their online presence and digital marketing initiatives can be continuously improved and value is delivered over the long-term for everyone.

Our Four Pillars for a Complete Online Presence

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Value-Focused Website

Our client’s website must be built with authenticity in mind. It must meet the latest design & development standards. It must be SEO friendly. It must be custom designed to represent their business from a unique, truthful, and persuasive perspective. It must have calls-to-actions & offers placed throughout to maximize leads and customer acquisition.

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Engaging Content

Authentic content is essential to our client’s long-term success. The content we produce must be well-researched, educational, accurate, and sales-oriented. It must contribute to the improvement of 1st-page organic rankings. It must play a role in engaging with people on social media. It must convert targeted traffic into leads and customers.

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Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic combined with a complete online presence is what brings our clients results. We secure traffic for our clients through SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media, and more. When this traffic gets exposed to the authentic story and product/service offerings of our clients, that traffic converts into new leads and customers.

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Continuous Improvement

Striving for an authentic online presence across all digital marketing channels is a big undertaking. There is always room for improvement in everything we implement for our clients – especially as digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly. Every month, we strive to implement new and improved initiatives for our clients.

Our Core Values

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