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The Types Of Bing and Microsoft Ads

Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads allow you to create unique ads for your products, services, and landing pages. Add a title, URL and text, to attract users. These ads will appear on desktop, mobile, and tablets across the Microsoft Advertising Network.

, Bing Ads Management

What Are Bing Ads?

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine. Millions of people use Bing to search. If you are not leveraging Bing Ads to marketing your business, you are losing out on a lot of potential new customers and revenue.

Bing Ads is the advertising network created by Microsoft. Bing Ads have recently been rebranded as Microsoft Ads. But nothing has changed with how the ads work. Where they are shown and how they look remain the same.

The Microsoft Search Network averages more than 5.5 billion searches per month. You can use Bing Ads to connect with users across all types of devices, locally or globally and they are just as easy to use as Google Ads. In fact, you can import your Google Ad campaigns into Microsoft Adverting and create similar Bing Ads.

Bing Ads vs Google Ads – What’s The Difference?

Bing and Google Ads are very similar. You follow similar steps to set up the ads – conduct keywords research, bid and purchase ads. But, there are a few key differences. Bing Ads appear on the Microsoft Search Network and Google Ads appear on Google properties. Running ads on both platforms allows you to get maximize exposure for your ads.

, Bing Ads Management
, Bing Ads Management

Why Are Bing Ads Important?

There is more to pay per click marketing than setting up a Google AdWords campaign. Advertising through Microsoft Adverting will help you boost your online presence and gain a competitive advantage.

Here are some top reasons why using Bing Ads is important:

  • Not all users search on Google: Sure, Google is the most dominant search engine, but it’s not the only game in town. Bing has millions of monthly users and billions of monthly searches. If you don’t use Bing for adverting, you are missing out on a large potential audience, many of which do not use Google. Bing Ads allow you to connect with these users, helping you expand your reach and potential audience.
  • Cost effective advertising: Even though Bing offers a smaller market share, it’s more affordable. On average, you will pay less per click. There is also less competition. These two factors make it much easier for your brand to get high ad positions and a better click through rate.
  • Better control over ad campaigns: Bing offers a number of ad targeting features you cannot get through Google. You can assign campaigns to different time zones, have better overall device targeting and it gives you better control over the search partners where ads appear. You can choose to target just Bing and Yahoo, search partners only, or both.
  • Boost brand awareness: As a small business it can be challenging to compete with big brands. Using Bing Ads allows you to expand your brand presence in search and throughout the Microsoft network. You’ll get instant visibility in another search engine.
  • Support SEO and marketing campaigns: Ranking well in Bing search results is also important. Bing Ads will give you instant visibility in Bing Search. Promote your products, services, or your brand to drive more traffic to your website or application. Higher traffic volume and more conversion on your website will help you SEO efforts in Bing and Google.

What Are Things To Avoid When Using Bing Ads?

Bing Ads can be highly effective at helping you reach your targeted audience and achieve your marketing goals. But, you need to understand how to leverage the platforms features and avoid common mistakes to get the most out of Bing Ads. Here are some things to avoid when using this advertising platform:

  • Ignoring Bing Ads: Perhaps the biggest mistake made is not using Bing Ads. Too many companies ignore the platform or don’t take it seriously enough. Bing offers you the opportunity to reach a new audience. If you feel like you’ve maxed out your reach on Google, Bing can give you that extra boost you are looking for when advertising online.
  • Not leveraging your Google Ads campaign: One of the great benefits of Bing Ads is you don’t have to recreate the wheel if you are already using Google Ads. You can important your current AdWords campaign with the click of a button. Take advantage of your successes and apply them to the Microsoft Search Network.
  • Not fully optimizing your ads: Bing offers some unique features, so take advantage of them. Make sure you are using all your character limits, targeting the right audience, and using all the features available to reach the right people with the right messaging.
  • Not using a PPC professional to manage your Bing Ads: If you are going to use Bing Ads, it’s important you get the most out of your campaigns. You want to drive the most traffic and get the most conversions possible for your budget. Are you confident you know Bing Ads well enough to accomplish these goals? You need more than a basic understanding to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. Bing Ads experts can help you get the most out of your investment, drive targeted traffic and help you boost conversion rates.

, Bing Ads Management

, Bing Ads Management

What Makes Grow With Search Unique?

At Grow With Search, we believe that if you are not advertising on Bing, you are missing out on a large source of potential customers. Bing is one of the largest secondary search engines in the world. It’s used by millions of people, especially users of the Microsoft ecosystem. We believe you need a strong and diverse presence online. This includes Bing and we make sure our clients have strong presence on the Microsoft advertising network. We use campaigns that mirror their success with Google Ads to provide you with the most brand exposure possible. Through the use of Bing Ads, we can help you see targeted traffic increases of 10-15%.

, Bing Ads Management

, Bing Ads Management

Frequently Asked Questions About
Bing Ads


Why Should I Use Bing Ads?

Bing ads are an effective and affordable way to reach your customers online. The platform is less competitive, allowing you to get a better return on your budget. Your ads will be seen on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, allowing you to reach all top Google competitors. Use Google and Bing Ads together to reach a wider audience and expand your brand presence.


What Is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising is the new name for Bing Ads. On April 30, 2019, Bing Ads was renamed Microsoft Ads. It is an online pay per click advertising platform. The platform allows you to connect with millions of users across the Microsoft Search Network.


Are Bing Ads Cheaper Than AdWords?

Yes. Bing ads are cheaper than AdWords. Clicks cost about 33% less. This allows you to get much more out of your advertising budget, in addition to being able to reach an entirely new audience. Rates and cost per click will depend on your business, keywords, and level of competition. Overall, you will get more value out of Bing Ads.


How Competitive Are Bing Ads?

While AdWords dominates the search engine landscape, ads are also highly competitive. Bing Ads are much less competitive, even for the same keywords. Less competition will help you have a higher ad placement in search results pages and throughout the Microsoft Advertising Network. This can lead to more clicks and conversions.

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, Bing Ads Management

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, Bing Ads Management
, Bing Ads Management

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